Ban This Book!

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I don't think people are going far enough in their attempts to get dangerous books out of the hands of our innocent children. Here is just one example of the kind of book that we must absolutely protect our children from. Why, the very idea that Jesus himself had two father figures is not something we need in our children's books! Instead, we need to remind them of the important parts of the bible, like love your neighbor don't kiss people of the same gender. Banning this book would be a step in the right direction, people! Let's do it! Let's be brave!


My Two Dads: The Tale of Jesus, Joseph and God
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Excerpt from "My Two Dads: The Story of Jesus, Joseph, and God."

Sometimes my daddies get in fights:
God: "We just need to teach him to say, 'let there be food.'"
Joseph: "It doesn't work that way with us! Ugh. Sometimes I feel like you don't even try to understand!"

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