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Last of the Live Nude Girls: A Memoir by Sheila McClear

 A Polite Chat with Eva and Her Virgins

 Playing With Dolls: Why Fashion Photographer Megan Cignoli Has the Best. Job. Evar.


My Misadventures as a Teenage Rockstar
An interview with teen author (and Rockstar!) Joyce Raskin

 Once again, Wanda Voteright helps you out at the poles!

Pillow Talk with Filmmaker Gabrielle Lindau

 We asked our friend Wanda Voteright to help you in the booth

Femme Totale - June 24th

@ R Bar, NYC

Amanda Ray: We See Big Things for this Singer!


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Leonora Desar

Occupation: Trickster
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"How smart and sexy!"
  That's Mini's favorite thing to say.
"Oh Em Ge!"
  That's Mini's other favorite thing to say.

Occupation: Your guide to Chicktellectual.com
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Alana L.

"Was she hot?"
  Whenever the subject of a woman she is not related to comes up.

Occupation: Lawyer
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Bjorn Roche

"Don't worry, I have an unlimited sexting plan."
  When asked about the price of all those text messages to his wife.

  • Snuggling with black cats
  • Being a naughty influence on nice girls

Occupation: When not making "scientific observations" about chicktellectuals, I make stuff happen on computers.
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Amelia B.

"Who's that?"
  In response to any pop culture reference.
"I love accounting with you!"
  To her husband at a particularly romantic moment.

Occupation: Psychologist
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Susie C.

"What's wrong with that?"
  Upon being pulled aside and being subtly notified that his skirt is a tad too short.

Occupation: Lover... of the ARTS
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Adrian H.

"What, exactly, are your qualifications?"
  This seems to come up a lot.

Occupation: I am an employer